The Culture Remains Intact


In the lanes of Chandni Chawk

Behind Jama Masjid

Recites the real Heritage

The Real India


2 thoughts on “The Culture Remains Intact

  1. wordfulrehan says:

    Why we have to picture something rural, unhygenic, poverty struck and indiscplined scenario when it comes to defining / showing the REAl INDA? I fail to understand.


    • Rishabh Singh says:

      It’s neither the poverty nor the unhygienic condition that one tries to depict through a photograph or an article to represent our country. Its mentality and the undivulged believes of our people which keeps our culture intact. We don’t need to show a night club to represent the changing social mentality but the actual picture out on the read that a common man uses. That’s our culture. That’s our heritage.
      And just for the fact, the pictures with rural background is the real India. More than 60% of our country’s land area is still rural and not the high rise buildings in a metropolitan.


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