The Running Photography

Running !!! 

Nay … Confusing when this word is associated with photography. That is not what I meant to imply with the title and this new series of photographs. To me it is more of moving and then clicking simultaneously using any form of transportation.

I have been traveling in Public transport all my life and through this mode of transportation have been introduced to many aspects and atrocities of life. Different people, their culture, language, ethics, environment and different Lives. Not to forget new places.

While you are in motion, the frame of visualization around you changes constantly. The details keep varying at any given instant. You must have been through one single place while traveling but the place may not look same to you every time you pass by. It’s the nature of constant evolvement of our surrounding. The color, light, people, things and many other materialistic or non-materialistic changes to a situation changes its perception and thus changes its meaning to you. Some time it may be positive while at other not.


A small cargo truck with fancy posters may look normal to us when seen at parking, but the same truck brings us relief from the plain boring traffic during the peak hours, something to cheer about. 


Another instant, another mini cargo truck passes by but nothing happens. But when the same vehicle with an occupant smoking at the cargo hold passes, you always take a closer look. May be just out of curiosity.

Guess what your reaction is when you see a truck from a local prison at your side during a traffic jam. You don’t even pretend to be there. But as the truck moves away, you see that the back door of it locked not by a lock but by Handcuffs that becomes hilarious. ( I wish I had my camera with me when I was witnessing this scene )

In next few days I’ll be travelling with my camera by my side in the public transport to capture some amazing shots (I hope so). Though it’s quiet awkward when people ogle at you while doing so.

So stay tune for more.


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