A Great Week for Activities on my Blog


This Week has been great in terms of many things. Posts, appreciations, follower ship, Recommendations, Nominations and many more things. But lets start from the beginning.

1. I reached a big milestone of 100+ followers. Thank you everyone for your support and motivation. The thing that kept me blogging was your generosity and appreciation of my still-amateur work (that’s my feeling).

2. More than 1500+ views.

3. Got featured in one of the most reputed Photography blog on wordpress, Cee’s Photography, For Cee’s Which Way Challenge yesterday. It was amazing to be a part of successful one for once. The best thing about Ceen is her creativity and knowledge of her subjects. Every morning she’d put up few photographs of flowers, regularly, and knows every thing about them. Her dedication is great. I mean I’ve got Two Photographs of same flower from different angle. Once one of my reader asked about its name and I still haven’t found it out yet.

4. Got Nominated for Creative Blogger Award By Montana. Really great experience again.

So like I said, A great week indeed.


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