Tomb Raider 3.0


An Ancient Doorway Giving a Peek to Our Past

I’ve spent hours on this particular photograph on Lightroom, snapseed and Pixlr. This version, after many attempts on Lightroom, was my favourite. Though it still needs some improvement but I think it will do just fine. Hope you’ll like it.

The Workshop


While I was traveling through the streets of Chandni Chawk in Delhi, I found this Wooden workshop. The Cramped space made it really difficult for any form of light to penetrate the interiors of the shop. The two generations of a single family working in a non-habitable working environment with only single filament bulb on their top. The dusk from the churned wooden logs made it harder to breath every moment. I wasn’t able to get the pics the way I want to, so I’m definitely going back for some more.