It has been a long wait…..


I don’t know the exact date or month when I posted my last article or photograph here or as a matter of fact anywhere. I was busy with other stuff and most importantly trying to earn a living for myself. I have not clicked any photograph 4 month and it has created a void which keeps on bothering. An itch which can become chronic if not taken care of.

But the question that keeps zooming in and out of my mind; why more of it (Photography) when I can hardly get a breather for other stuffs. I hardly have a social life anymore. The pursuit of money is so gripping (in its any form) that your very thought starts dwindling from the very path that you may have chose for yourself. The life that you have dreamed to live till the end of your time(or my time in this case).

But finally I think I have waited long enough to regain my consciousness to pick up where I left. I have saved a little bit of money and will might be able to get a credit card next month (HOPEFULLY!). In India it is really hard to get one and then it is harder to repay what you owe the banks. Specially when you are young and going through major changes in your life. Changes as if new Job, new culture, and new expenses to get settle into it. But, I will not get into all this (My best guess!!!)

I have decided to buy my own camera, a canon this time. The budget is already exceeding the lining of my pockets, but sometimes you gotta step a line. Also, this is the festive season and if you are in India, you must be a crazy shopaholic during this peek shopaholic season. It is not just a mentality of people to get the new things but it is also a auspicious to invest into something new, something constructive, with which you want to get along with. The camera I have decided to buy is Canon EOS 70D. It will cost me around 80 grands. Well I don’t know if you are reading this and thinking ‘why only this one?’. Well first, the budget, and second this is quite good for videography, specially the touch screen focus feature which I have not heard for any other DSLR. If you know one than please do let me know. I am all ears.
Till now I have been asking my brother to lend me his camera which he only uses in Auto mode. I mean who the hell uses a DSLR of around 50 Grand for just the auto mode!?! (No offence to anyone’s feeling including mine). Also, on top of that when the brother you are talking about is the younger one.

There are pictures that are still to be edited and then published. I hope that I’ll be up to the task this time and will not lie and delay to my own aspirations.

I also hope that I will be able get connected to all with whom I used to interact.

Tomb Raider 3.0


An Ancient Doorway Giving a Peek to Our Past

I’ve spent hours on this particular photograph on Lightroom, snapseed and Pixlr. This version, after many attempts on Lightroom, was my favourite. Though it still needs some improvement but I think it will do just fine. Hope you’ll like it.